Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, you have to verify if you comply with the pre-requisites. Go to Home/Manuals, Guidelines and Procedures and see section 2.2 of the “Assessors Accreditation Manual”. If you comply with them, send an email to Victor Trapani, SQAS Manager, .

You are requested to sign the electronic agreement. Please click on the hyperlink in the auto responder e-mail to authorize the assessment. Please be aware that the assessment cannot take place without your authorization.

  • Any logistic service provider or Distributor (on its own initiative or on the request of a chemical company) may decide to have an SQAS assessment performed.
  • The company to be assessed has to select an assessor from the list of Accredited SQAS Assessors. The assessor’s territory is defined on the SQAS website. Assessors can work outside their territory only if they comply with the requirements set in section 4.7 of the “SQAS/ESAD Guidelines”.
  • The company to be assessed fills in the Pre-Assessment Document (PAD) from the SQAS website.
  • The filled in PAD has to be sent to one or several assessor(s) by the company to be assessed
  • The assessor determines the time needed to carry out the assessment on the basis of the information provided in the PAD by the company to be assessed.
  • The assessor will enters a planned assessment pre-notification in the system at the latest three weeks before the start of the assessment. This pre-notification contains the contact name and e-mail of the assessed company. Cefic may verify if the pre-notification is in conformity with the SQAS process.
  • The agreement is sent to the authorized Manager from the company to be assessed (or his representative), who acknowledges and electronically signs the agreement to authorise the inclusion of the assessment report in the electronic SQAS database.
  • The assessor carries out the assessment.
If you want to know more details of the assessment process go to the section 4.1 of the ”SQAS/ESAD Guidelines”.

  • Please, go to the list of assessors on
  • Select the country were the assessment will take place by using the drop-down list “Country” and press “Search”. The list of assessors who can carry out assessments in that country will be shown. If you do not find the country go to the next step.
  • Using the drop-down list “Territory”, select the country where the assessment will take place, select “all” in the drop-down list “Country” and press “Search”. The list of assessors who can carry out assessments in that country will be shown.
  • You can find the assessor’s contact details by clicking on the name of the assessor

Please note that a SQAS assessment report remains valid for 3 years. After that, the assessment report is archived and is not available anymore for the assessed company.

The procedure to access your report information is as follows:

  • Open the SQAS website:
  • Login with your user credentials.
  • Navigate to "Planning and reports" > "Reports".
A new screen will now appear with a list of reports.

A user guide of SQAS system can be consulted in the SQAS website. For this, go to "News and resources" > "SQAS Manuals - Guidelines - Get started (PAD)" and open the “SQAS System User Guide” PDF document.

You can update the general company information by yourself. Login to the SQAS website, click on "Planning and report" > "Reports" and open your Report. Open the "Details view" of your report, on the top right you can find "Manage Report". This option allows you to update certain elements of your company information (such as your company name, phone, fax, website, contact persons etc.). You cannot update the company address.

Firstly, your Company has to be SQAS assessed. Then, fill in the “Logistic and Distributors Registration Form” that can be found in / Application Forms and send it to Véronique Chalot at

You can manage the access requests via the website:

To grant or deny access to your report for this user follow this procedure:

  • Open the SQAS website.
  • Log in with your credentials.
  • Go to "Planning and report" > "Manage report access requests" to view a list of user who have requested access to your report.

The procedure to access the SQAS system is as follows:

  • Open the SQAS website:
  • On the top right you can click on "Sign in" where you can enter your email address and password
  • You are now logged in and new options will be available in the top menu.
A user guide to SQAS system can be consulted in the SQAS website. For this, go to "New and resource" > "SQAS Manuals - Guidelines - Get started (PAD)" and select the “SQAS System User Guide” PDF document

Please use the ‘password forgotten’ option.

Any SQAS user can electronically request access to the reports of other SQAS assessed companies. In the list of reports, click on the report that you are trying to access.

To submit your report, please make sure that you are connected to internet. If the “Send” button is still disabled/de-activated this indicates that the report is not fully completed yet, may be you missed a mandatory question. If a certain section is completed then this is made visible in the tree structure by means of green checkmark. Please check if some sections are not yet completed.

You are not allowed to change assessment reports. Please contact the SQAS manager for further instructions.

With your "Planning" menu option you can archive the pre-notification. Please login to the SQAS website and click on the "Planning and report" > "Planning" menu option. You can now open a pre-notification request and edit it.

Please create a technical support ticket.

Please login to the website and and follow the installation instructions in the Assessor User Guide that can be found in "News and resources" > "SQAS Manuals - Guidelines - Get started (PAD)".

  • Login to the SQAS website
  • Go to "Planning and report" > "Manage Templates"
  • See the video “Manage templates” on the "News and resources" > "SQAS Manuals - Guidelines - Get started (PAD)" page.

You can compare assessment reports at the same time. You can select the reports using the option “Compare Reports” which is available when the “Report” link of the main menu is selected.

The system can be used to compare subsidiaries from the same company or sites from different companies

You can compare the scores obtained in a particular report with the average scores obtained in the country where the company is located and with other countries. The option is available by pressing the link “Scoring Matrix per Country” in the central part of the screen of every report.

Your company can join the SQAS Service Group. For more information about this membership please contact Victor Trapani, SQAS Manager,

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