SQAS Questionnaires

Five specific SQAS assessment questionnaires cover the different types of service providers active in land logistics and chemical distribution. The questionnaires have been developed by the chemical industry in close co-operation with the transport sectors and their representative European trade associations.

SQAS modules

All transport companies and other types of service providers that are active in land logistics and chemical distribution are covered by SQAS through five separate modules:

• Transport Services
• Rail Operators
• Tank cleaning stations
• Warehouses
• Chemical distributors

SQAS Rail Questionnaire (2022)
application/msword SQAS 2022 Rail Questionnaire and Guidelines Rev
ESAD/Distributors Questionnaires (2022)
ESAD Chlorinated Solvent Questionnaire-English
ESAD Chlorinated Solvent Questionnaire-German
ESAD F&G Questionnaire-English
ESAD F&G Questionnaire-German
ESAD S Questionnaire-English
ESAD S Questionnaire-German
SQAS Core Questionnaire with ESAD supplement-English
SQAS Core Questionnaire with ESAD supplement-German
SQAS Core Questionnaires (2022 version 2)
SQAS Core Questionnaire-English
SQAS Core Questionnaire-French
SQAS Core Questionnaire-German
SQAS Core Questionnaire-Italian
SQAS Core Questionnaire-Spanish
SQAS Tank Cleaning Questionnaires (2022 version 2)
SQAS Tank Cleaning Questionnaire-English
SQAS Tank Cleaning Questionnaire-French
SQAS Tank Cleaning Questionnaire-German
SQAS Tank Cleaning Questionnaire-Italian
SQAS Tank Cleaning Questionnaire-Spanish
SQAS Transport Service Questionnaires (2022 Version 2)
SQAS Transport Service Questionnaire-English
SQAS Transport Service Questionnaire-French
SQAS Transport Service Questionnaire-German
SQAS Transport Service Questionnaire-Spanish
SQAS Warehouse Questionnaires (2022 version 2)
SQAS Warehouse Questionnaire-English
SQAS Warehouse Questionnaire-French
SQAS Warehouse Questionnaire-German
SQAS Warehouse Questionnaire-Spanish